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you got the feels

a place. a platform. a feeling.

Friday Feels was born from a place of vulnerability.


We recognized that there was something special about holding space for each other and valuing success through self-expression.

We're on a mission to get professional people (everyone!) to connect deeply.


We can only cultivate change in the world by understanding and being our true selves and we can do this together - by giving voice to the true challenges we are all facing out there.


Let's help each other find our flow in order to ​follow our joy - professionally and personally.

We are excited to share some cool and honest content - with you.

we're human.
we're working.

and figuring out life.

we're celebrating authentic connection

let's talk about the hard things.

We want to explore the dynamic of being human in the workplace. We've been holding space for each other to do so. We want to share this with you.

tell us what you want to hear about!

working world

We're exploring different themes each month.

tune in
this friday

Episode 6 drops:

Jan 12!

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you're a professional 

This is your space.

we're working together to unlock authentic working community.

we want to see the vibrant you, in it.

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Tell me what to do

We’ve all been there… That’s, right, we’re talking about:
How are you making your decisions? Who is writing your to-do list?
What tools do you use to navigate and manage your life?

this month

welcome to the


for working professionals

join the club

We're a community.

Creating and celebrating authentic connection.

how are you embracing 


the beauty of being

a professional


and your authentic self?

find your feels

We're two people doing a little bit of a lot of things.

working individual

We bring you valuable resources & strategies to help you with wellness, motivation and empowerment.

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we're working together to unlock an authentic global community.

we want to see the vibrant you, in it.

find the feels for you

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