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saj & Nicole

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Absorbing books is like breathing oxygen.

She loves her bubble tea.


saj salickram

Saj has followed her joys through a pretty unconventional path. 

After graduating from NYU with a buttoned-up degree in Finance she gravitated toward the ambiguous and exciting NY tech startup scene like a moth to a flame.


She loved being in a fast-paced and innovative environment where all ideas were welcome, regardless of experience or job title.


She went on to build a career in business development and partnerships at tech startups like The Ladders,, The Data Incubator, The Alibaba Group, PartnerReady and Luno.

She’s led partnership strategy across many fascinating industries and clients including e-commerce, cybersecurity, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, real estate and tech.

Currently, Saj spends her time co-founding (@fridayfeels), consulting on revenue and partnership strategies (@avaya consulting), investing in real estate (@avaya international realty) and advising global women-led tech startups (@prospera women).



nicole karmine

Despite all efforts, Nicole’s free spirited gypsy-heart had plans to reveal a magical life journey of unexpected surprises.


In finding her authentic voice and true self, she has embraced being an explorer of the inner and outer worlds of how we “human”.


She has extensive experience in deep-diving and confidentiality with a 10 year career in forensic / financial crime investigation, corporate consulting and coaching - all areas in which she has held the space for truth and ultimately for others to unravel and reveal themselves so that personal and professional empowerment can be found. 


Now, her mission is to uplift all beautifully divine beings into freedom and a state of joy. Today, Nicole is a co-creative, intrapersonal intelligence coach and multi-venturer.
She lives as a global citizen and co-adventurer in the traveling duo with her soul-dog Gracie and shares her voice through writing, photography and music.


As the co-founder of inaudire and The Bridge Children's Home and the creator of Swartkat Studios and The Chemistry Connection, Nicole is passionately fostering authentic connection, creation and communication.

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Dancing is her therapy.

She drinks tea and coffee at the same time.


photo cred: @blaizerb

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